The company

The company

Testing and production

CENTROTECNICA was founded in 1979 in Milan, Lombardia. One of the world's epicenters for hi-tech SMEs and ideal environment for its growth and development.

Our core business currently regards the checking, measuring, and reproduction of vibrations. We are now a world leader, with the most complete testing house in Europe.

The extent to which we cover the sector is unequalled anywhere in Europe and probably the rest of the world as well. This understandably sets us apart from all others who analyze and reproduce vibrations. Coordinated research, design, construction, and application naturally leads to creating highly-efficient synergies, continuously improving our products and services, and solving special problems. The patents filed and the innovations we have placed on the market or developed exclusively for our clients provide ample demonstration.

Testing House

Provided with accreditation and certification recognized the world over, the Testing House occupies 800 sq m and contains more than 30 machines intended for environmental testing (shakers for vibrations on three axes with a force of up to 74 kN, including one in a clean room equivalent to ISO 8; stand alone climatic chambers or combined with shakers; shock, drop, compression, altitude, and centrifugal acceleration machines, an inclined plane and a mechanical shaker).

We can satisfy the most different test requests and perform the tests required by the leading international standards (CEI EN ISO; ASTM; MIL-STD; ISTA;...) and industry specifications and even reproduce the ambient conditions detected in the field.

Design and Production

We design, produce and test customized monoaxial and triaxial fixtures, prisms, cubes, expanders, and thermal barriers for the testing we conduct at our laboratory or for direct sale and delivery anywhere on earth.

We design and construct VST and RT slip tables with exclusive patents to be matched with shakers of any size by any producer (Centrotecnica is also an official partner of IMV Corp. for the supply of these elements).

Accredited Calibration Laboratory

The task involves acceleration, and calibrating accelerometers in terms of both frequency and magnitude.
This is Italy’s only accredited accelerometer calibration center qualified to calibrate also at client premises. Thanks to exclusive innovation, we are also the only accredited calibration center able to calibrate accelerometers according to the temperature, the ideal solution for those who conduct climatic tests.

Research and Development

Centrotecnica has made many significant innovations in vibration testing in terms of both improving existing products and introducing unprecedented machines and accessories.
Centrotecnica personnel is highly-qualified and prepared to address unique problems.