Accredited laboratory for calibrations

Calibration of accelerometers, amplifiers and charge converters

The calibration center has been accredited by Accredia as LAT No. 111 T for the calibration of accelerometers and accelerometer chains since 1998.

Centro tarature accreditato ACCREDIA

Accreditation certificate as LAT calibration laboratory No. 111 T as per UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 18025:2018

Activities subject to accreditation

Informative accreditation

Accredited calibration regards the accelerometers most commonly used by laboratories:

  • ICP accelerometers
  • Charge accelerometers
  • Accelerometer chains

Our accreditation covers three types of calibration:

  • Our LAT is the only one in Italy that provides frequency calibration (the classic standard calibration) also at client premises.
  • Amplitude calibration (up to 800 m/s2).
  • Calibration according to temperature (-40°C ÷ 140°C) with the exclusive procedure performed by our LAT.

We can provide calibration services for amplifiers and charge converters with traceability certificates.

Accredited laboratory for calibrations