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Centrotecnica represents an important reality operating in the vibration industry since 1978.

Born as a Mechanical Engineering Consulting enterprise to provide customers with special projects and applications in vibration field, Centrotecnica has developed over the last 30 years in many sub-areas, by successfully specializing itself in two main fields: vibration testing on one hand, design and production of fixtures and ancillary equipment for vibration test on the other one.

Centrotecnica has got one of the largest Test House in Europe with “state of the art” testing capabilities able to meet all customers’ specific requests in many different markets. In fact, thanks to our two accredited laboratories equipped with a wide range of different machines, such as vibration shakers, shock machines, climatic and altitude chambers and a high number of ancillary technical instrumentation, Centrotecnica can help customers to meet their environmental standards with a comprehensive range of efficient environmental testing services. We can provide both support in creating tailor testing procedures and in applying standardized procedures prescribed by National and International specifications.

Our points of strength are a team composed of highly skilled personnel with extensive background and two full equipped facilities; our key features are high flexibility and technical expertise. That are the reasons why leading Companies all over Europe entrust Centrotecnica with their environmental test campaigns.

1501 TESTING PROFILES_COLUMN1With concern to fixing solutions, since 1979 Centrotecnica is committed to conceive and manufacture high quality and patented products for use in environmental testing market. Thanks to an in-house design department and a wide production unit, Centrotecnica offers a wide range of both standard fixtures, such as expanders, extenders, cubes and prisms and thermal barriers, and special tailored made fixtures, characterized by accurate design and high precision.

Furthermore, Centrotecnica is also leader in engineering and manufacturing of high quality horizontal Slip tables designed for a variety of applications, including testing of products with large physical dimensions and mass to small components. Our innovative range of VST, RT table and EST can be retrofitted to any manufactures vertical Vibration Test Systems to enhance customers capabilities.

special combo with double table2Besides being the matching partner for proving vibration testing and fixture solutions, Centrotecnica’s long experience in the vibration field and its in-house capabilities allow us to offer customers a “full package” service, able to support them during each step of their activity.

First of all, a whole range of additional ENGINEERING SERVICES: an efficient and reliable vibration consulting service to help customers to find the best solution for each testing case; technical support aimed at elaborating custom built test solutions in order to meet their test specifications; Predictive analysis and FEM Analysis service, fundamental instruments to provide customers pre-emptively with useful information about the dynamic behavior of their items; finally, a product improvement design consultation service, useful to improving the reliability of customers’ products during the design step.

Moreover, Centrotecnica is accredited by ACCREDIA to calibrate all accelerometers types commonly used by laboratories and by the industry; a special calibration service at customer’s own plan/lab is also available in order to guarantee them an efficient use their working time.

accelerometer calibrarion at Centrotecnica_1Centrotecnica’s offer completes with a service of advanced measuring service to take measurements on single points, planes or other measureable entities; finally, thanks to a service of field measurements, customer is also supported on analysing vibration problems.

Centrotecnica is this and more….

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