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About Centrotecnica

Centrotecnica has been created in 1979 by Ing. Danilo Cambiaghi, who transformed his engineering office, dealing with advanced mechanics since 1973, in a company.
In 1982 it started to work in the aerospace field by preparing studies and designs for apparatus to be placed on satellites.

For some of these items Centrotecnica has taken the responsibility of the production and has also performed the qualification and acceptance tests (e.i. total responsibility for SFA equipment, orbiting for one year on the space platform Eureka; involment for test containers “Koster” and “Legros”, flying on Space Lab, in BDPU program, etc)

What we do

In the meanwhile Centrotecnica’s activity moved towards the design and production of test machines, mainly for automotive industry.
In 1992 Centrotecnica opened one of the first vibration test facilities for the industry, and finally the two branches of activity (aerospace and test-beds) could merge.

Vibration tests started to be performed for aeronautics and aerospace; only afterwards they were diffused to the automotive industry. Nowadays they are necessary in all the industrial and manufacturing fields. The main reason is the development of quality consciousness, whose aim is the improvement of products, which involves a testing phase before production.
Some years later Centrotecnica started to calibrate accelerometric chains, becoming SIT Center in November 1998.

The deep experience in special testing machines and the vibration laboratory helped Centrotecnica to start working in the expander and fixture field. Expander and fixture are very high technology accessories essential for dynamic tests execution.

The fixtures that Centrotecnica studied and produced soon started to be sold both in Italy and abroad (Germany, Finland, Holland, England, Israel, China), and Centrotecnica became the official supplier of LDS (leader in electrodynamic shaker production).

Centrotecnica has also patented a new concept slip table, and has developed and produced some prototypes. Now Centrotecnica produces a second generation slip table, which is installed in many laboratories in Italy and is still been sold.

In 2005 Centrotecnica sas became Centrotecnica S.r.l and moved the activity strictly related to the tests to Peschiera Borromeo: laboratory, fixture design and production, SIT Center. In the meanwhile the number of shaker and climatic chambers increased.

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