Vibration testing, a story that began in 1979

CENTROTECNICA was founded in Milan in 1979 by PhD Marily Cambiaghi (Administrator) and Prof. Danilo Cambiaghi (Design Director).

Entering the market as a mechanical engineering company for the design of special machinery for industry and the solution of technical problems in existing systems,

The company soon built a solid reputation that brought it to work with leading international companies in a wide range of sectors (from the automotive to the food processing industry) and research institutes as well. 

In 1981, work began with the aerospace industry, the most demanding one of all, and with the problems posed by the enormous vibration stress exerted on any mechanical component to be launched in space.

Facing this and other technological challenges showed how unprepared the general industry was at the time. For Centrotecnica instead, the new objectives were all in imminent reach.

Since then, the bond between Centrotecnica and Vibration has grown closer and closer as documented by significant signs of passage: exclusive patents, technical partnerships, the development of the best-equipped testing house in Europe, and accreditation and certification recognized all around the world. Coverage in the field of vibration testing is nearly complete and expressed in the sectors of research & development, design, production, testing house, and calibration.

In recent years, Centrotecnica has demonstrated its orientation to the ethics of environmental sustainability by setting up a large photovoltaic installation and placing a DAE (External Automatic Defibrillator) point at the disposal of the community.

Centrotecnica today:

  • three industrial hangars that cover around 2,200 sq m
  • 30 human resources work in research, design, production, testing, calibration, and sales activities 
  • export exclusive patented products all around the world
  • Europe’s largest testing house for environmental vibration and transport testing capable of meeting requests from every industrial sector.

Our history