Our partners for service, supply and distribution of vibration test systems

Belotti Sistemi

Commercial and technical partners since 1991, collaboration has grown closer over the years to the point where certain commercial, testing and maintenance activities are conducted in common. 

Belotti Sistemi has been working in the market for over 100 years, perennially dedicating its efforts to imports, sales, and the installation and maintenance of laboratory and process instruments.

The Vibration Division offers the most advanced technological solutions for vibration monitoring and qualification while proposing an extremely detailed range of products that includes vibration systems, monitoring systems, transport simulation systems, vibration analysis and acquisition instruments, accelerometers and sensors for every type of use, fixtures and expanders.”

IMV Corporation

As technical partner since 2011, we supply IMV Corp., primarily with slip tables, expanders, and thermal barriers for their vibration systems which are then distributed around the world. All the latest electrodynamic shakers now part of the instrumentation at our Testing House have been produced by IMV Corp.

IMV CORPORATION is a world’s leading supplier of high reliability vibration test systems in Japan offering single-axis, sequential and simultaneous (up to 6 degree of freedom) multi-axis vibration test systems, vibration diagnostic instruments and engineering consultancy services.