SLIP TABLES - VST and RT series

Since 1997, the year of the VST patent, the production of slip tables for vibration tests has been in constant growth and development and represents today one of the core-business of CENTROTECNICA. Despite the diversification of production, they are still the company's best-known products and are distributed worldwide.

Slip tables allow a sample to be tested along horizontal axes without changing its orientation with respect to gravity.
The need to maintain the orientation of the sample throughout the entire testing program is often a must.
Our slip tables are divided into 2 groups defined by the type of technology applied and intended use: VST and RT.

Slip Tables VST

They are the most sophisticated product. They provide very high performance through an exclusive and patented technology that uses vacuum. The table slips on oil.
They meet the requirements of the most demanding tests, both for the weights of the samples and for the acceleration levels of the tests to be performed.
They adopt measures to preserve the cleanliness of the sample. This feature, combined with high performance, makes them particularly suitable for space testing and for all those cases where this is a primary requirement.

Slip Tables VST

Slip Tables RT

An innovative concept, they are highly appreciated for their simplicity and reliability.
The table moves on skids that slide along rails. No oil, no electrical components and no compressed air.
If necessary, the table can be replaced with a smaller one with a simplicity of operation not found on any other slip table.
It is suitable for climatic tests: the table adopts a layered construction that greatly limits deformation by releasing it from expansion.
It is at ease in tests of heavy samples that can improve its performance.
The maintenance is very simple and economical: cleaning and greasing of the skids.

Slip Tables RT

Slip Tables KRT

They are a special version of the RT: they can modify the width and the shape of the support surface in a very easy and fast way to adapt to the sample and avoid moving unnecessary masses; to the advantage of optimizing consumption, wear and performance.

Slip Tables KRT


Slip tables are also set up in special configurations:

Double driver bar configuration
Double driver bar configuration
Spacer slip table
Spacer slip table

We are available to evaluate the realization for any type of configuration and size not present in the catalog.
The standard drilling template of the tables is not binding, it can be customized without limits.


CENTROTECNICA has a catalog of accessories for slip tables very effective and in some cases exclusive:

Damping: it is a thin, lightweight plate that is intended to attenuate the resonance vibrations.

Instant Clamp

Instant Clamp: exclusive patent of great added value in economic and practical terms. It makes simple and ultra-fast (about 30 seconds) the fastening of the fixture to the slip table or to the shaker armature.

Thermal barriers

Thermal barriers: of all shapes and sizes, also for testing on batteries or with liquid drainage system. Highly recommended for all combined climate + vibration tests.

Direct Coupling

Direct Coupling: system to simplify and speed up the assembly/disassembly of thermal barriers. It allows a single operator to carry out the operation in a short time.


CT-SPP: accessory to speed up (time reduced by 80%) and simplify the cleaning of the RT skids.

CENTROTECNICA provides installation, consulting, service and maintenance for all slip tables delivered worldwide. Through its network of distributors or directly.

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