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Our mechanical design department is also dedicated to conceive special projects and special machines.
The Centrifuge is a specially designed machine for static acceleration tests.

By the mean of this system, it’s possible to verify that the test item withstands and works properly under the static acceleration environment imposed for instance during launch and flight by applying the centrifugal acceleration.

The acceleration is generated by the rotary motion of a arm. The test object is installed on the mounting table at one end of the arm, and the acceleration of the test object is controlled by the rotating speed.
During rotation the items can be power supplied thansk to slip rings.

The measurement signals are monitored and recorded in the measurement room via measurement rack at the center of the rotation.
Thanks to the modular concept and its accuracy, Centrotecnica Centrifuge is suited for a wide range of components’ testing; the test items include systems and components of launch vehicle, satellite and aircraft.

In our Test House we dispose of a Centrifuge machine with the following features:

  • Maximum acceleration: 20 g
  • Harm length: 6 mt
  • Maximum speed: 150 rpm
  • Maximum payload: 80 kg

Starting from the basic working principle of the machine we can design and work on the customization of some variable features.

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