R&D - Research and Development

Constant evolution in environmental testing and calibration activities

Centrotecnica was founded in the spirit of research and innovation and has grown constantly by virtue of both.

By creating a specific department in 2020, we redefined and more efficiently reorganized our R&D work in order to create a structure capable of ensuring continuous and structured research activity, reacting rapidly to present situations, and planning for long-term targets.

The company’s mission is to improve what already exists and to invent what doesn’t. The objective is to facilitate the execution of environmental and calibration tests while making them safer and more reliable.

R&D focuses on innovation using input from other Centrotecnica departments and from clients, always in close contact with the real needs of the productive world.

The R&D Department has developed extremely different products in terms of application while always remaining true to its mission since the day it was set up:

  • Gyroscopic: calibration machine for gyroscopes, the only one of its kind in terms of accuracy, repeatability, and resolution.
  • Shakers for low frequency calibration: for frequencies down to 2 Hz, with an unprecedented operating principle based on the properties of resonating structures.
  • CT-SPP mk II: is a bearing cleaning system used for the servicing of RT-type slip tables In this case as well, the only one in the market, simple and easy to use.
  • Instant Clamp: this patented revolutionary system permits the assembly of fixtures on shakers and slip tables for vibration tests (also combined with climatic tests) and sine, random and shock tests up to 2,000 Hz in just a few seconds.
  • Expander Redesign: a new type of expander that improves characteristics in terms of practicality of use and dynamic output. Completely compatible with the Instant Clamp.
  • Inclined 01: the inclined plane meets both ASTM and ISTA requisites and solves a problem typical to this type of machine: footprint When used only sporadically, the Inclined version can be folded up in order to drastically reduce the work space occupied.
  • Calibration according to temperature: we have developed a method to achieve accredited accelerometer calibration at different operating temperatures, in this way solving a problem often ignored in combined tests that distorts performance and measurement. We are the only accredited laboratory capable of doing this.
  • Direct Coupling Solutions: this rapid system for the coupling of climatic chambers and slip tables permits to take advantages of the flexibility of our RT tables. Moreover it minimize both the masses in movement and maintenance and facilitates the configuration change.

R&D combines the development of special projects and the constant upgrading of existing products in Centrotecnica catalog with constant research in the application of new materials.

Extra attention has been dedicated to development in the additive manufacturing world with which we make small-sized parts in various metal alloys. This technology has the potential to reach a higher rigidity/weight ratio than carbon fiber.

R&D - Research and Development