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Centrotecnica provides customers with turnkey testing solutions. We are a recognized leader in providing test solutions integrated with advanced technology, precision instrumentation, engineers with proven experience, and supported by a team of technical application specialist.
Over these years we have built thousands of custom test campaigns to meet the needs of our customers production and test requirements.

Moreover, our mechanical design department (founded in 1978) designs special machines: seismic basis, multiple axis vibrating tables, bending machines, space equipments, to name a few.

Design in Centrotecnica comes from merging 3D CAD software, FEM analysis, vibration laboratory, and many years of work experience of a skilled staff.
Centrotecnica analysis capabilities include structural, kinematic, dynamic and thermal analysis.

Since lot of years Centrotecnica cooperates with different companies in the aerospace, automotive, aeronautical field, and sometimes with companies in diverse fields. It looks after thermal and mechanical analysis, but it also designs and conceives machines or mechanisms and locates and eliminates the cause of the vibrations on machine tools.

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