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With over 30 year experience in the vibration sector and two lab facilities, Centrotecnica can be considered as one of the most complete and innovative testing house in Italy.


Nevertheless, Centrotecnica does not mean just vibration testing. Thanks to our wide range of machines, we can provide customers with: shock, static and torque acceleration and climatic, altitude, rain and halt tests.

Customers can choose among many testing options. In fact, vibration and shock tests can be performed on 3 axis at ambient temperature or in controlled climate. Additionally, we can perform electrical measures monitoring during tests.

Our two laboratories are equipped with a wide range of equipment, that means short waiting time and good price flexibility, two key factors in order to meet customers’ specific requests.

Furthermore, in our newest facility in Masate we can perform very noisy test and round-the-clock tests that mean time and cost saving.
A high number of calibrated acquisition instruments and vibration controllers complete the list of our technical equipment.

Centrotecnica has got experience in aerospace, aeronautical, automotive, railway, military, packaging, telecommunication, electronic fields and many others.
No matter how complex the standards and regulations the customers may face, Centrotecnica can provide them with high levels of test efficiency and scheduling flexibility.
We can seek in the archives of the most important National and International specifications and offer them a wide range of testing solutions:

  • ASTM
  • Bellcore
  • BMW
  • British Standards
  • CEI EN
  • CNC
  • DNV
  • Enel R mec
  • ESA
  • ETSI
  • Fedex
  • Fiat
  • General Electric
  • General Motors
  • GR (Telcordia)
  • IEC
  • ISO
  • ISTA
  • Iveco
  • Lloyd’s






test house_part of our control room
Besides all above mentioned standards, we can study customers’ particular specifications and elaborate tailored test plans according to their products’ specific characteristics and requirements.

Moreover, if customers have no reference specifications, we can perform on site relieves in order to verify the real vibration levels on test items and afterwards write down a dedicated test specification.

If customer observes failures during the real application of his products we can help him to reproduce it in our facility in order to be able to evaluate the improving solutions during the testing phase.

Centrotecnica is not only testing activity, our long experience in the vibration sector allows us to provide customers with “a whole package” service that consists of consultancy and support throughout the whole process.

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