Test ISTA and Test ASTM D4169

Distribution tests - ISTA, Amazon and ASTM D4169

ISTA and ASTM D4169 tests are increasingly required by industry in parallel with the growing need to move goods anywhere and by any means safely, quickly and economically.
Protecting the goods to be delivered from the stresses and strains encountered during movement, whether foreseen or accidental, is an absolute necessity for the safety and the efficient service management.

Any damage caused to the transported asset turns into a cost in one of the following areas at least:

  • Safety (possible occurrence of dangerous conditions)
  • Saving (avoiding overpackaging)
  • Value (replacement or repair of broken items)
  • Branding (weakened image of the manufacturer)
  • Efficiency (time taken to repair the damage)

Transport tests consist of replicating in the laboratory the normal and accidental stresses to which a package is subjected during moving and storage. Any weakness highlighted by the test can then be corrected to ensure the integrity of the contents or packaging in real transport.
The test can be performed on a single package, on a crate or on a pallet.

Tests performed by our laboratory and related machines:

The 14 machines currently dedicated to transport testing allow us to perform the main specifications of the ASTM standards organization (under the ASTM D4169 umbrella) and the ISTA certification organization.

So many machines also allow us to accommodate the request to perform testing completely in-house, in fact this condition is:

  • recommended by ASTM to carry out the tests under the same climatic conditions to avoid altering the structure of the packaging materials.
  • imposed by ISTA in order to obtain certification, because moving the tested sample outside the laboratory invalidates the essential condition of reproducibility, since it is placed in an environment that cannot be controlled.

Tests certified by ISTA and performed by our laboratory:

  • 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1G, 1H
  • 2A, 2B, 2C
  • 3A, 3B, 3E, 3F, 3K
  • 4AB
  • 6-AMAZON-Over Boxing
  • 6-AMAZON-SIOC Type A, Type B, Type C, Type D, Type E, Type F, Type G, Type H, Type OB
  • 6-FedEx-A, 6-FedEx-B
  • 7D

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Certified testing laboratory member of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)

If you need to submit a package to a transport test but you have not found the most suitable one for your needs, our technicians will be at your disposal to help you in this choice.