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Photovoltaics and wind energy solutions are growing very fast. More and more residential homes use solar power photovoltaic (PV) solar panels located on the roof or near the house. These panels contain cells made up of silicon semiconductors.

eolic and solar_1Wind power works in a similar fashion. A typical residential wind turbine looks like an airplane propeller sitting atop a 50 to 120-foot tower.
Of course this “new” applications cannot be based on modules and components with no regulation standards.

With the steadily growing number of manufacturers in the global market for wind end solar energy, testing of wind turbines and its turbine components is highly in demand and requires technical skills.
Type testing is carried out in order to prove the wind turbine performance with respect to power production and to verify the load calculations and the blade design.

Also in this market Centrotecnica is able to support manufacturers and service providers by testing the quality of their PV modules, PV components, and PV systems.

Type testing will normally comprises:

  • Load measurements
  • Power performance measurements
  • Static and fatigue blade tests
  • Other tests including gearbox field test

Beside to the standards, our test house capabilities allows us to build tailor-made test campaigns for your company.

eolic and solar_2In addition to testing activities we can offer to companies that already have testing equipment a wide range of implementation products:

Standard fixtures used in order to modify (by widening, increasing in height, inclining) the useful dimension of the armature to allow three axis testing mounting.

Special customized fixtures which are designed and manufactured according to customer’s specific item mounting requirements.
A complete range of slip tables to meet with customers’ specific requirements in the field of horizontal axis testing.

Please feel free to ask for more information about testing in this markets including case studies and white papers.

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