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energy-and-gas_2Centrotecnica supports the manufacturers of energy generation and distribution equipment with state of the art testing solutions (energy sectors, oil and gas, refining and distribution, petrochemical, power generation to name a few).

A typical application case is the environmental testing on pipeline network equipment. Pipeline companies have an impressive safety record due to the proactive role of standards and inspection of pipelines. Since the pipelines are getting old, there is a great need to identify cracks, and other defects that can cause potential problems.

The vibration behavior of structures can be characterized in terms of resonance frequencies and mode shapes which describe properties of the tested object in a testing global campaign.

energy and gas_1Vibration tests of pipeline vibrations can be done under ambient environment and laboratory tests of a scaled pipeline model.

Beside to the standards, our test house capabilities allows us to build tailor-made test campaigns for your company.

In addition to testing activities we can offer to companies that already have testing equipment a wide range of implementation products:

Standard fixtures used in order to modify (by widening, increasing in height, inclining) the useful dimension of the armature to allow three axis testing mounting.

Special customized fixtures which are designed and manufactured according to customer’s specific item mounting requirements.
A complete range of slip tables to meet with customers’ specific requirements in the field of horizontal axis testing.

Please feel free to ask for more information about testing in this markets including case studies and white papers.

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