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Vibration testing is a very important step in the successful development of new products in a lot of markets: aerospace & avionics, automotive & other vehicles, electronics, train & rails, medical & pharma, transport & package, telecoms & IT-systems, energy & gas, renewable energy, to name a few.

Design engineers may design a good product that works well during the initial stages of development and testing. However, most of them use the FEM analysis, a method which requires may hypothesis to be confirmed. So, how do you validate your FEM analysis? And, moreover: how do you ensure that, after this step, most of the products which go into the mass production will still be in good working conditions after using them for a long period of time? In other words, how do you ensure the quality and reliability of this product when it is operated for an extended period of time under varying environmental conditions?

Environmental testing is the answer to this question.

Accepted as a method to improve product quality, environmental testing is used to qualify products for production. In particular, environmental testing will help the manufacturer to accelerate the aging process of the product in order to predict its life cycle, analyse the modes of failure and filter out those products that are not fit to enter the market.

In addition to testing activity, Centrotecnica offers a wide range of ancillary products and services to those companies which have in-house testing capability:

Standard fixtures used in order to modify (by widening, increasing in height, inclining) the useful dimension of the armature to allow three axis testing mounting.

Special customized fixtures which are designed and manufactured according to customer’s specific item mounting requirements.

A complete range of slip tables to meet with customers’ specific requirements in the field of horizontal axis testing.

Please feel free to ask for more information about testing in the above mentioned markets including case studies and with papers.

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