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03 / 06 / 2024


This is a new service offered by the accredited calibration laboratory (LAT No. 111 T).

The service is already fully operational for frequency calibrations of monoaxial and triaxial accelerometers.

It is very easy to buy a calibration online, watch the attached video-tutorial.

Our accredited calibration laboratory has been in operation since 1998 and over the years has enriched its offering with exclusive and innovative services.

28 / 03 / 2024

The new IMV K200 shaker is up and running!

The new IMV K200 shaker is up and running!

One of the most powerful shakers in the world for a contract testing laboratory!
It has a force of 200 kN and is equipped with a slip table and guided head expander from Centrotecnica.
A new shaker in a new building: 150 m2 room equipped with overhead crane and a powerful air cleaning system to meet and exceed the ISO 8 clean room standard.
The new test laboratory is geared towards testing satellites and large space components, but is also suitable for bulky and heavy samples in general, especially for railway components.

21 / 02 / 2024

23 / 11 / 2023

We conducted the first Workshop

We conducted the first Workshop "QUALITY RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES" in cooperation with GESTLabs Srl

Centrotecnica in cooperation with our friends at Gestlabs conducted the workshop 'Quality Research and Development Strategies'.

The event was held at the headquarters of both companies and consisted of two theory sessions and two guided tours of the respective test, production and analysis areas.

The aim was to update the R&D managers of companies operating in high-tech sectors on the best strategies for assessing reliability, predicting longevity and analysing prototype failures.

We hope we have achieved our aim and would like to thank all participants for their participation and their companies (RIELLOOLSA GroupBrembo S.p.A.Pietro FiorentiniBGM Elettronica srlAriston GroupCOBOSELT Aerospace & DefenceSISGEO SRLDell'orto Spa) for taking this opportunity.

We would also like to thank Gestlabs for an excellent partnership experience to which we hope to give further development.

19 / 10 / 2023


Being able to change the size of the slip table according to the level of testing, using a smaller and lighter one whenever possible, provides great advantages on the performance of the shaker, making it possible to perform test profiles that would otherwise be too demanding. 

Saving moving mass also reduces shaker wear and improves efficiency.

There was only one downside: the duration, measurable in working hours, of the table change operation.

With Centrotecnica's RT series slip tables, this limitation has been almost eliminated.

The video shows the table change operation in the most hard condition: the change from a small to a large table.

Another plus for the RT series slip tables, a reference product for vibration testing, from transport to aerospace testing, adopted by laboratories all over the world.