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Among the private testing houses which supply testing on behalf of a third party, Centrotecnica can boast the most equipped range of shakers in Italy: in fact, our shakers go from 0,3 to 53 kN of force, and up to 100 mm of displacement. Furthermore, most of our shakers can be connected to a slip-table which allows to perform three axis tests without rotating the items.
One noteworthy feature is the capability of three shakers to perform also tests in controlled ambient, by combining them with a dedicated climatic chamber.

Beside vibration and combined tests, thanks to our range of climatic chambers we are able to perform stand- alone climatic tests, altitude tests and rain tests, as well; the maximum volume of our climatic chambers is 1 sqm.

Moreover, we have at disposal shock machines for testing over 1500g and a semi anechoic chamber for Squeak&Rattle tests, too. Finally, we have got a special machine for long stroke shock test and for static and torque-acceleration tests.
The whole range of machines is driven by state of art of controllers and analyzers.

Below is a list of our equipment:

Vibration & Shock Application

Shock & Drop Application

Climatic & Altitude

Other Tests

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