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VST – Vacuum Slip Table

The vacuum slip table is a new Centrotecnica’s patented concept of making a slip table. The slip table is guided by balancing oil pressure and vacuum force.

The vacuum concept represents an important new concept in slip table technologies that brings several advantages in the vibration field. The low friction and high damping of cross axis mode rank the VST at the top level in Slip Table performances.
The VST has been successfully used in several application fields like spacecraft, aviation, railways, automotive testing. It is particularly suitable for vibration testing in combination with a climatic chamber.
The VST can substitute or be substituted by Centrotecnica’s RT since the dimensions are compatible.

The VST consists in a magnesium plate sustained by oil flow. On the sustaining basement some vacuum pockets that constrain the table by a strong pressure are manufactured.
A special Centrotecnica’s patented vacuum pump creates an high vacuum level under the table and brings the oil back to the reservoir.
The oil is injected under the table in several positions with a constant flow condition. Constant flow implies a reactive pressure proportional to the force of the vacuum and dynamic loads. This force, which strongly reacts to inertial loads, improves significantly the natural damping effect of the oil to cross axis movements.
The yaw moment is taken by lateral bearing with a special mounting technique that allows thermal expansion of the table.
Nothing but the vacuum keeps the table against the basement.

High damping of cross axis accelerations, low noise, low friction, and security switch on pitch moment overload of the table rank this table to a new position which was not present on the market before it.

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