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RT Table

Traditional slip tables are operated by oil pressurized under a magnesium plate.
Centrotecnica’s rt table is a robust and highly damped light alloy horizontal table guided by top technology bearings.

The rt table represents a great simplification in the slip table that does not require any electrical or hydraulic power. For this reason it can be also considered as an energy saving item.

The RT can substitute or be substituted by a Centrotecnica’s VST because the dimensions are compatible.

The manufacture of the rt table became factual thanks to high technologies achieved by bearings manufacturer and Centrotecnica’s experience in light dynamic structure design and damping.
The table is realized by high technologies solutions and materials, optimised to reduce weight and maximize frequency range.
The constrained damping layer technique has been extensively used to improve dynamic behaviour of the table.

This table reached a very high quality level and represents the best solution in many test fields where availability, simple use and cost reduction are the key factors.
The power saving, easy maintenance and simple use are the main reasons to choose a rt table.

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