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An expander is a standard accessory for a shaker studied to enlarge the useful dimensions of the armature.

The shaker armature has a limited round dimension that do not allow vibration test of large items. To install large items on the shaker a round or square expander is needed. The expander is similar to a pyramid or cone and is studied and optimized to be light and rigid.
When the item to be tested is very large and heavy maximum static load and momentum of the shaker can be overrun. In this case the expander can have an additional load support and guidance system to prevent damages to the shaker.

Centrotecnica’s Expanders are optimized by FEM analysis and tested before delivery. The expanders are supplied with a complete technical report and operating manual that explains the best method to control the expander during vibration.
All our expanders have a very effective damping treatment aimed at reducing unwanted resonances effects at high frequency.

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