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Combo Retrofit

Shakers are usually sold in three different configurations: base mounted, trunnion mounted or combined structure with a slip table.
“Base mounted” is just the shaker body mounted on 4 vibration insulators, this configuration is very common when the shaker is used in combination with a climatic chamber.
With“Trunnion mounted” is meant the shaker mounted on a frame with a mechanism that allows rotation of the shaker. This is useful for maintenance purposes and to connect the shaker to a slip table positioned together with the shaker on a seismic base.
Shaker sold in these configurations can be retrofitted, that is the operation of mounting the shaker body on a structure that includes rotation mechanism and a slip table.

Centrotecnica created a simple combo structure that allows the easy installation of shakers different in type and size.

In the combo structure the shaker should be insulated from the ground when in vertical configuration and guided just on the horizontal axis when connected to the slip table.
This is realized by a combination of air springs and rollers.
The rotation is easy to perform manually by a screw and a wrench

Retrofitting a shaker allows expansion of laboratory capabilities by adding a slip table to a shaker. The capability of testing in horizontal axis on a slip table is often an essential feature to perform vibration tests.

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