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field-measurement-1Centrotecnica can support customer with on site measurements for the analysis of vibration and shock problems.

We offers a full range of vibration measurement services reaching all sectors of industry.
Vibration measurements are used for a variety of purposes including diagnosing equipment and structural failure or malfunction, determining operating frequencies, determining natural frequencies, obtaining vibration surveys and several others.

We work both in civil and industrial fields (for example: analysis the cracking in the building walls or vibration measurements on machine tools)

The measurement of vibration involves obtaining frequency and amplitude information. Vibration may be measured using acceleration, velocity or displacement sensors.
Centrotecnica is able to perform modal analysis and to search for eigenfrequencies and normal modes of components or structures.
We operates with the best “state of art” vibration and shock data recorders.

Moreover Centrotecnica has built and can build some dedicated instruments to perform special measurements during laboratory tests.

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