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accelerometer calibrarion at Centrotecnica












Centrotecnica is equipped and accredited by ACCREDIA (the Italian national Body for the accreditation) to calibrate all accelerometer types which are commonly used by vibration laboratories or by the industry.

With release of ACCREDIA certificate:

  •  ICP accelerometers
  • charge accelerometers
  • accelerometer chains

With release of calibration report with traceability to national items (the extension of the accreditation to these size typologies is foreseen):

  • chargers/amplifiers for ICP accelerometers
  • charge accelerometers
  • Converter

Centrotecnica is still the only LAT Center to offer the calibration service at customer’s own plant/laboratory; this special service was specifically conceived for vibration laboratories which cannot send out their items since it would mean to spot their activity.

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