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Finite Element AnalysisCentrotecnica performs mathematical investigations with finite elements method since several years. The aim is to:

  • Perform dynamic analysis to identify the behaviour of the structures
  • Allow to modify the project in advance, mainly when the analysis shows big risks of failure

The analysis results could also show the need of damping. In this case it would be more convenient to study a dumping system before the experimental laboratory phase.

Having a test laboratory helped us to finalize some quick modelling techniques which produce very reliable predictive data.

Customers can have the analysis results shortly after the end of experimental investigation.

People who need to get a validation of their FEM model easily and shortly can get experimental data by using our test facility.

If you have a validated calculation model of the item to be tested, you can analyse any problem emerging in the experimental phase in an exhaustive way, proposing improving solutions to be tested in advance with FEM analysis

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