Fixtures, Plates, Cubes, Prisms and Head Expanders

Wide selection of sample mounting accessories for vibration tests

We have a wide assortment of fixtures, expanders, connecting plates, and various fastening systems.

A fixture system with known and satisfactory dynamic behaviour can be essential for a successful test. The more severe the test, the more indispensable having good fixtures and head expanders becomes.

The fixtures made are tested to identify critical frequencies and, when necessary, the best control strategies to ensure the realistic replication of test specifications.

With support surfaces of up to 2000 x 2000 mm, our expanders are suited to meeting the assembly needs of samples  of the most varied dimensions or assembling numerous samples simultaneously for the optimization of times and costs. 

In addition to vaunting a well-stocked warehouse of fixtures / expanders, we design and produce them according to specific client requirements or provide guidance to those who want to produce them independently in order for them to be easily coupled to the respective test machines.

Fixtures, Plates, Cubes, Prisms and Head Expanders