Shaker LDS V824 LS with slip table

Shaker LDS V824 LS with slip table

Electrodynamic shaker for vibration tests equipped with slip table for the execution of tests on the three axes.

Very flexible system, ideal for many types of tests and adaptable to a very wide range of products.

Features and performance

  • Sine force (peak): 24 kN
  • Maximum acceleration: 100 g pk sine / 60 g rms random
  • Maximum stroke: 38,1 mm (pk-pk)
  • Frequency range: 5 - 3000 Hz
  • Armature size: 335 mm expandable with expander
  • Slip table dimensions: 750 x 950 mm
  • Maximum static load: 450 kg
  • Controller channels: up to 32
  • Types of test: Sine, Random, Shock, Sine on Random, Dwell

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