Precision measurements

Dimensional validation of Fixture for vibration testing

Using a FARO® 7-Axis QuantumM FaroArm® / ScanArm V2 measuring arm we conduct surveys on fixtures manufactured for third parties: on single points, on planes and on all measurable elements with subsequent generation of dimensional validation reports.

The objects to be measured can be rapidly converted into CAD models.

The measurements acquired can be compared with nominal CAD data for immediate detection of deviations.

Angles, prismatic characteristics, distances, and geometric and position tolerances can all be easily identified.

A complete list of measurement activities:

  • Checks on geometry
  • Inspection of complex surfaces
  • Inspection of components and comparison with CAD mathematics
  • Measurements and calibration of reference geometry
  • Measurements for retrofits
  • Measurements for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping
The instrument’s portability increases its operative versatility: measurements can also be taken at client premises.

Precision measurements