Guided head expanders are considerably more complex accessories than traditional expanders.

In addition to the function of expanding the sample working area, the guided head expander adds 2 other very useful ones:

  1. Enables the alignment of the armature (and thus the correct functioning of the shaker) even in the presence of samples with a strongly unbalanced test setup.
  2. It supports the weight of the sample, allowing the shaker to work even if the load exceeds the limits of the machine. Our guided head expanders have a payload capacity of 1,500 kg, which can be increased on request.


Each guided head expander is designed and equipped according to its intended use. The most common customisation requirements are related to battery tests and climate chamber tests.

Due to their evident effectiveness especially under heavy loads, they are mainly intended for coupling to high force shakers.

The guided head expanders by Centrotecnica are designed to be easily removed to allow rotation of the shaker and its connection to a slip table.

Thermal barrier configuration for climate chamber testing.
Unique Locking System to support the load during long breaks and safeguard the shaker.

Guided head expanders are classified as quasi-machines and fulfil the relevant category safety requirements according to current European legislation.

Our guided head expanders are used in laboratories all over the world and can be mounted on any armature. Our partner network provides installation, consulting, service and maintenance for all our guided expanders.

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