Flash News

20 / 03 / 2023

CENTROTECNICA is an accredited laboratory for vibration and shock rail testing

CENTROTECNICA's laboratory is accredited for rail vibration and shock testing according to all major industry standards:

EN 61373:2010 EC 1:2011

EN 50155:2017

DI TCSS ST IS 00 402 A

We have custom fixtures designed for the needs of rail sector, such as those for testing body mounted, bogie mounted or axle mounted components as shown in the video.

13 / 03 / 2023



We are pleased to announce the achievement of a technical highly-prestigious result for our Test House in the vibration testing field: the first test performed on a entire satellite in launch configuration!

CENTROTECNICA hosted the D-Orbit team of technicians who managed the satellite set-up and check-up of its conditions after each test phase.

The tests along horizontal axis were performed on a customized RT slip table by CENTROTECNICA. A great result for our most popular slip table and a great advantage for space testing since it is an oil free table model.

29 / 01 / 2023

CENTROTECNICA is accredited for vibration tests on luminaires

Accredited vibration tests dedicated to outdoor luminaires at Centrotecnica's test laboratory.

Main standards and protocols:

ANSI C136.31-2018

IEC 60598-1:2020

IEC 60068-2-6:2007

We have custom fixtures designed for the particular needs of this sector, such as those for testing luminaires that replicate the head-pole coupling in different diameters.

20 / 01 / 2023

The tutorial videos about the Instant Clamp maintenance

We have published a couple of videos to illustrate the maintenance activities for the Instant Clamp.

The Instant Clamp requires very little routine maintenance: a check and possibly a seals change once a year.

17 / 11 / 2022

How to connect a Centrotecnica slip table and an IMV shaker

This video illustrates how the connection can be made quickly by starting with the shaker in a vertical position. It then illustrates the steps of driver bar assembly, shaker rotation, alignment and final tightening.