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23 / 02 / 2022

New product: HFS

The HFS, High Flexibility Solution, is a direct coupling system between the climatic chamber and the slip table that works in combination with a thermal barrier made up of new generation insulating fabrics.

The conceptual innovation consists in isolating the vibrating table, which thus becomes part of the climatic environment for the entire duration of the test.

The unique thermal barrier made of special fabric NEVER NEEDS TO BE REMOVED!

The HFS further accentuates the Slip Table RT's point of excellence: unparalleled operational flexibility.


- Less moving masses
- Faster test setup
- More homogeneous test conditions: sample, fixture and plate at the same temperature
- Homogeneous temperatures also mean no tension and less bending between fixture and plate
- Temperature range: -40°C to +160°C extendable with the addition of a traditional thermal barrier
- Can be used with a smaller slip table
- Can be used with RT fixtures
- Suitable for battery testing
- Integrated condensate drainage system

The HFS is another innovation for the world of environmental testing from CENTROTECNICA.

01 / 12 / 2021

RT FIXTURES: test on horizontal axes without the slip table plate!

Innovative fixtures, designed and manufactured by CENTROTECNICA to perform vibration tests on horizontal axes avoiding the use of the slip table. The advantages are a significantly more effective use of the performance of the shaker, in all situations, and a better execution of shock tests as the moving masses are remarkably reduced. In order to use this kind of fixture, the structure of a RT type Slip Table (displacement on skids) is required but not the heavy plate.

14 / 09 / 2021



A new contribution from CENTROTECNICA's R&D dept. to the evolution of vibration test world: the EXPANDER REDESIGN.

Lighter, improved in dynamic behavior and customizable in materials: aluminium, magnesium or both in different matches.

It can be provided Instant Clamp ready with no plates added.

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30 / 06 / 2021



CENTROTECNICA is glad to announce the arrival of a new climatic chamber:

WEISS C/1200/70/5/V

the chamber can be matched to the to the shaker IMV i240 and to the slip table Centrotecnica RT 900to perform combined environmental tests on 3 axes.

09 / 06 / 2021

CENTROTECNICA's list of non-standard test increases

CENTROTECNICA's list of non-standard test increases

CENTROTECNICA performed a damping characterization test on an innovative device called "Damping Ring" in two different configurations. 

A non-standard test tailored the SAIPEM and BBVTECH's requirements on an exceptionally long item (12 meters).

Setup in record time.