Climatic chamber ACS ANYVIB 1200-5

Climatic chamber ACS ANYVIB 1200-5

The ANYVIB 1200-5 climatic chamber is able to perform temperature tests combined with humidity while maintaining the two independent parameters.

These simulated tests are very frequent in the automotive, aerospace, military and electronics sectors in general.

The performance of the chamber allows you to perform tests in compliance with the most important international standards: DIN, ISO, MIL, IEC, ISTA and ASTM.

Features and performance

  • Temperature range: -75°C / +180°C
  • Temperature with climate: +5°C / +95°C
  • Thermal gradient: 5° / min
  • Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 1000x1130x1080 mm
  • Humidity control: 10% / 98%