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Centrotecnica Release New Test System for Earthquake Simulation

February 6, 2017Andrea CambiaghiNews

Centrotecnica delivered and installed a new machine called Lo.F.Hi.S (Low Frequency High Stroke and Velocity Shaker) to Catania University in Siracusa.

The machine is capable of time history reproduction from a text file and will be used to study the effect of earthquakes on models of structures.

The machine is particularly interesting for low frequency vibration because it is capable of reproducing low frequency vibration with no distortion.

The machine can be connected to a standard vibration controller to work as an electrodynamic shaker.

Main features:
– Stroke 286 mm
– Max velocity 2.5 m/s
– Max force 2 kN
– Frequency range 0 – 100 Hz