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Centrotecnica’s masonry works don’t stop the testhouse activities

The realization of a new soundprouf laboratory area is in progress: Centrotecnica keeps on improving.

A new crane has been mounted and tested in Centrotecnica


A new crane for improving Centrotecnica’s lifting capability has been lately mounted and tested: this new equipment will support our production and laboratory department in their daily activity.


Welcome Alessandro

New slow-motion shooting up to 1000 fps

Centrotecnica provides a new service, on request, of slow-motion shooting up to 1000 frames/sec. to observe how mechanical deformations occur during a vibration test (up to 100 Hz), during a shock or when a collision occurs (drop test).

Centrotecnica improves the power supply to provide energy correctly and constantly to all the systems

Centrotecnica hosted IMV Europe Distributor Meeting 2017

January 29, 2018Fabio VitielloNews

New IMV A74 shaker arriving with IMV climatic chamber and CENTROTECNICA slip table

Centrotecnica Release New Test System for Earthquake Simulation

February 6, 2017Andrea CambiaghiNews

Centrotecnica delivered and installed a new machine called Lo.F.Hi.S (Low Frequency High Stroke and Velocity Shaker) to Catania University in Siracusa.

The machine is capable of time history reproduction from a text file and will be used to study the effect of earthquakes on models of structures.

The machine is particularly interesting for low frequency vibration because it is capable of reproducing low frequency vibration with no distortion.

The machine can be connected to a standard vibration controller to work as an electrodynamic shaker.

Main features:
– Stroke 286 mm
– Max velocity 2.5 m/s
– Max force 2 kN
– Frequency range 0 – 100 Hz

New structure for Hydraulic shaker

February 3, 2017Andrea CambiaghiNews

Centrotecnica delivered a new kind of standard structure coupled with a LAB hydraulic shaker.

The structure function is both expander to allow a large mounting area and cube to allow vertical mounting for the three axis test execution.

This structure combine in one unique item the possibilities of a system with expander and slip table.

Main Features:
– Dimensions: 2200 x 1260 x 1565 mm
– Weight: 1345 kg
– Frequency range: 300 Hz

L.A.B. Prisma 1

Paving the way towards the future

February 5, 2014mAsonNews0

Centrotecnica is one of most comprehensively equipped and extensive in Europe.

Environmental testing services include shock, vibration, climatic and mechanical testing.

Strongly supported by our experience we keep on growing and enhancing our test house: as first step in 2010 we launched the new facility in Masate; the second step will be the expansion in a full comprehensive headquarter displaced on over then 1000 m2.

The best is yet to come!